Astronomical Calendar By Guy Ottewell, Universal Workshop,

This atlas-sized and richly illustrated book is the an excellent guide to what will happen in the night sky throughout the year.

Skywatchers by Anthony Aveni, University of Texas Press, 2001

A revised and updated version of Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico, describes Mesoamerican archaeoastronomy, significant sites, calendars and written records. 

Maya Cosmos: Three Thousand Years on the Shaman’s Path by David Freidel, Linda Schele and Joy Parker, Quill William Morrow, 1995.

A blend of archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, and personal reportage traces the history of the Maya people's Creation myth, from its earliest portrayals - rendered in stone texts by the Olmecs three thousand years ago - to its current expression during shamanistic religious ceremonies in Yukatan. 

Time and the Highland Maya by Barbara Tedlock, University of New Mexico Press.

Described as a landmark in the ethnographic study of the Maya, this study of ritual and cosmology among the contemporary Quiché Indians of highland Guatemala has now been updated to address changes that have occurred in the last decade.  

The Maya (8th Edition), by Michael D. Coe, Thames & Hudson.

Because of the wealth of new archaeological data and breakthroughs in the translation of hieroglyphs, Coe's updating of his classic synthesis of Maya civilization provides a valuable service to both informed lay readers and specialists wishing to apprise themselves of the current state of understanding of this most intellectually sophisticated and aesthetically refined pre-Columbian culture. 

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